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You can try any one Book in the below Link ,Which is Good QA Book. http://www.softwaretestingclass.com/top-20-best-agile-development-books/ http://www.fromdev.com/2012/04/8-best-software-testing-books-every-qa.html http://www.softwareqatest.com/qatbks1.html


Effective Unit Testing by Lasse Koskela It's not really generic as some already mentioned books. The subtitle of the book is "A guide for Java developers" and all the examples are written in JUnit. Nevertheless, the major part of the book is it's Catalog of "test smells". There we get nice list of usual mistakes/bad practices (and advices on how to avoid ...


Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide http://goo.gl/6gtSIg Testing web applications using Selenium is made simple with this tutorial. Written for those with no prior experience, it helps you learn through practical exercises and code samples. The perfect entry point to Selenium 2. About This Book Automate web browsers with Selenium WebDriver to ...


ToolsQA is awesome. Please have a look and do go step by step. You will learn quite a bit.


I have fork some collection of software testing book awhile ago. Give look of the index. Index Software testing theory Standards in software testing Testing of Free and OpenSource Software Testing with different programming languages Testing Tools Since I am still new and my reputation still low, I cant post more that 2 link. But you can check all the ...

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