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Statistics is probably a must in order to understand testing, for example the Birthday Paradox that can be used to reduce the number of tests, analyzing numerical results of tests and performance tests or planning stop conditions of test runs. Some basic (or even more) Algebra and Combinatorics are also important for solving day to ay algorithmic problems.


Unless you test mathematical software, the most you would need is Algebra. There are other skills you will need, but Algebra should cover the math part.


It depends. As Nigel has already observed, software testing is a field where the most important skills tend to be difficult to quantify (good communication skills, for example). In my experience, unless you're testing something that involves heavy mathematical lifting, you don't need more than high school level mathematical skills. A knowledge of basic ...


Kairu I wonder what has stimulated your question? Why do you think that you need mathematical skills? I'd say the most important things in no particular order are: Good broad IT understanding. A logical (but not specifically mathematical) mind. Experience of people using applications. Try to be an end user yourself and use as many different ...


For software tester, I assume you aim not at career in manual testing, but in testing automation. It is special kind of programming, where you automate interaction with (in most cases) web-based application, making sure that results are as expected - that's why gurus like Cem Kaner prefer to use "automated checking" for this activity - it is done by ...


In addition to some of the previous suggestions, I have found a couple of specific languages/products particularly useful, especially as you may progress into test automation. One is Python - it is a fantastic language to work with, particularly if you do not have a lot of programming experience in your background, and lends itself very well to automated ...


Step 1. Dont Worry. Step 2. Get Educated on testing: tester tested on blogspot James Bach Manual testing basics Step 3. Skill up yourself to Automation --JAVA VBSCRIPT SELENIUM All the Best :)


Even though most companies will look after people with experience in the field, you don`t need to worry yourself about that because there are a lot of entry-level available as well. My advice would be to not limit yourself to what books say, this thing mostly revolves around poking a bee hive with either a stick, or a flamethrower, depending on the needs. ...

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