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Apache JMeter is designed for load testing and it provides Selenium support via WebDriver Sampler The WebDriver Sampler uses JavaScript language for tests definition so minimal refactoring will be required and your tests should mostly work. See The WebDriver Sampler: Your Top 10 Questions Answered guide for tips and tricks. Alternative options are using ...


From what I found using Selenium Grid can help with doing a load test . I can start multiple hubs that can run the tests that I have already written in parallel


(You did not say how many simultaneous users you need to simulate for your stress test. My answer assumes you need to simulate more than 5 or 10.) Using your Selenium tests as the basis for stress testing is an attractive idea. After all, they are already written/debugged. You would like to check the same things under load, so they seem relevant. And ...


I believe that you can start with How to Load Test HTTP Live Media Streaming (HLS) with JMeter guide followed by what dzieciou suggests if there still will be open questions.

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