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It may be of some help to you. We have once done the same thing in one of our project where we had to test USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) and SMS (Short Message Service) using the SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocols. Goal was to find a break-point where the CPU usage goes above 80% and Memory usage goes above 70%, for this we had to ...


I'll add Telerik Test Studio to the list. I use it for 10,000 virtual users across 5 PCs. If you can afford it, I couldn't recommend it enough. Way easier to use than JMeter. Also, my automated tests are in the same project, so there is no context switching or new tool to learn.


This MSDN page should have all the answers. If you are still confused, go higher up in the page tree to work on your foundation level knowledge. I won't copy+paste the wall of text as the MSDN has been up longer than StackOverflow.


Firstly, I work for IT Central Station, a platform for crowdsourced IT reviews. The easiest way to check out these various products on our site may be to look at a comparison page of these products you are researching. If you're looking into other tools aside from JMeter and Selenium, you may want to look at StormRunner, HP's newer tool. A few of our real ...


So What are the dependencies to vary the results(I mean it varies from server configuration,like that i need to know what are the dependencies) ? And can we set the server configuration from the Jmeter. You set the target URL. JMeter makes a series of network requests to whatever endpoint you specify. Please let me know is there any option in jmeter ...


This greatly depends on the system you are running jMeter on and how heavy the test is. Your system does not look heavy enough for 10k concurrent users, from the jMeter documentation I get the feeling 1k is the target limit for each machine. Have a look at http://jmeter.apache.org/usermanual/remote-test.html for running your tests from multiple remote ...


'10000 users' using jmeter is pretty tough on single machine considering given configuration, the maximum number of threads supported by jmeter will be 300 to 400 depending on your script, eventually jmeter will get stuck with 'OutOfMemoryError' and it will create a very large dump file. it would be best to use distributed jmeter and simulate distributed ...

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