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As Ansi C is very lightweight, I recommend the latest version of LoadRunner, version 12. A 50 user non expiring version is available and feature-wise it buries tools like JMETER and Gatling. You could also check out SOASTA, a 100 thread non-expiring version is available at no charge. Also, feature wise, this is a commercial tool built for testing. ...


Adrian and jruberto have mentioned some things you could do. I would like to add some general information. The first thing you want to know is what the goal for your load tests should be. You should ask your group's lead what she wants to be tested, or what information she wants to have. Maybe she is interested in some specific component or web service. ...


LoadUIWeb might be a tool to take a look at as to see how your web app is dealing with load on the backend. It's free and has gotten a lot of great reviews. http://loaduiweb.org/


A few elements of a load test strategy: Concurrency: can your app handle x simultaneous sessions? The sessions don't have to be doing much, just that you can have that many users logged in at once. Latency: measuring page load time, like AdrianHHH described, is good here. Throughput: how many transactions can your system handle per unit of time? ...


Assuming the web application accesses a server then the purpose of many web performance tests is to see how the server behaves under load and whether high loads cause unwanted delays in responding to user activity. Also to see whether the system has headroom while coping with that load. One part of the test could be to see that 95% of all web pages are ...


Given that no browser works this appears to be installation issue on the sample applications. You may want to reinstall these components. Note, historically the sample applications came with their own Xitami web server, without having to install Apache. So, you may want to reference the setup for the sample applications.


There must be some communication across the network between client and server. A Visual Studio Web Performance Test can be used to simulate one end of that communication and so apply load to the other end. A common performance test simulates many clients to see how the server behaves. To do this you need to generate the same communications as the client ...

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