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The number of virtual users (VUs) that one computer can handle depends on the complexity and duration of the individual test cases. Many factors contribute to the complexity, including: number of requests, number of plugins called and what they do, number of extraction and validation rules. As complexity increases so does the usage of memory (RAM) and CPU ...


It will. According to JMeter Glossary JMeter's "Response Time" is actual server's response time + latency and when application under test and JMeter are on different world's ends it'll take some time for request to reach the server, same for the response. See How to Analyze the Results of a Load Test as an evidence of the Latency metric importance.


It is very likely you will get differing results. Especially in response times. This is mainly due to latency caused by the Geographical distribution. This will become important if response times is one of the metrics you are using to understand the website's ability to cope/scale under load. A simple reflection of this is; go to http://amazon.co.uk/ ...


It is possible to do, but old versions of NUnit doesn’t deal well with multi-threaded code. Ie NUnit itself was design to be single threaded. You can use PNunit which will give you that functionality. Using NUnit 3 or above has PNunit included. You can find more information on how to use it on this page


I would recommend looking into Visual Studio load test tool. You will need an Ultimate license. This tool will make it much easier to do all the things necessary to create a useful performance test while minimizing time to script and hardware needed to drive the test. You can read more here... https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/dd293540(v=vs.110).aspx I ...


The idea behind Real Load Replay is having a set of test data reproducing conditions and combinations from real use of the application instead of creating it from scratch. It is very useful when you need to test inputs, web petitions and any kind of data which does not include personal nor sensitive information. Apart from database replay, you have tools ...


@ Muhammad Ali Khamis - Your manager talked about "performance simulation", Production Env VS Test Env. Oracle Database replay Steps: Workload capture Workload pre-processing Workload replay Analysis and reporting


Record your use case several times Mention which request parameters are changing. Pay attention to Request Headers as well. Once you identify what values need to be correlated - use one of the following post processors to extract dynamic bits, convert them to JMeter Variables and using in next requests Regular Expression Extractor CSS/JQuery Extractor ...


Yes, you can use open source tool JMeter for load testing of this application and it will work perfectly fine. Regarding your issue of "Cross-site request forgery" (CSRF) token, you need to use Regex for the same. Actually, this CSRF token is generated at run time and can be used only once, so if you use its hard-coded value in your script (i.e. recorded ...

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