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This question is very broad and is one of those question which is bound to get biased replies based on User's opinions. So when you say, So please suggest which tool should I learn There is no definitive, clear-cut answer, until we understand the projects that are in pipeline are. Nevertheless, on the top of my head, I can name quite a few mobile ...


In two words- adb and uiautomator In a few more words- adb is your bridge into Android, you can actually run Linux shell commands ON the device, start activities, launch intents and even send key events. adb is run from the command line, but this means you can easily integrate it into your favorite programming language. uiautomator deals with the UI ...


I can describe a little about my experience of developing a tool used on android mobile, it may help you in finding a way: So what I did, I created an app on android which used to browse the url and play advertisements on it and perform some actions using javascript. For that I first understood what is android life cycle and how to capture events in ...


I am working as a manual tester. If I understand correctly the term "manual tester" then the first and most important thing to learn is programming- a language but also concepts and principles, the language and environment are not that important.

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