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Although i do not have much idea about it but i think you can give selenium grid a try. I read on seleniumhq.org that with selenium grid you can create a master slave architecture, where one master machine will control several slaves to send request to a common server. Maybe this can help solve your issue!


Few more notes on top of Neils Answer Test Environment Setup using Cloud Infrastructure Load generation in cloud for on premises application Load generator on premises, application on cloud Both load generator and application both on cloud Load Testing Flood IO - https://flood.io/ LoadFocus - https://loadfocus.com/ Security Testing NTOSpider - ...


I don't see how testing in the cloud is different then testing on your local computer system. The only thing the CLOUD delivers is a scalable type of infrastructure. If you need to test the scalability of the infrastructure, then search for "Scalability testing" and read blogs like this. Load testing mobile API's could be done with tools like BlazeMeter. I ...


Selenium is a tool to drive and verify behavior of web-applications, it should not matter where they are hosted. If you can reach the webserver running the application it can be local or hosted in the cloud, the application should behave the same. If you want to test if the cloud setup can handle a certain load and find its bottlenecks I would look at a ...

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