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Applause You could try Applausse the testing services based on their tester network from UTest, I have done some cross-browser and mobile app testing for them. They offer scripted testcases and exploratory sessions where you pay per found issue. Amazone Mechanical Turk With Amazone Mechanical Turk you can define small work loads. Like install and do some ...


Why not check us out! We have 17 k beta testers in our community and they together own 470 different devices. You can do both private and public tests and also choose if you would like to pay the testers or if it's a free test. Have a look and see if our platform could work for you. https://betafamily.com/


I don't know of any free ones, but there are a number of services around that do exactly what you're after. Plus, they range from system or system integration testing to beta or user acceptance testing - so it really depends on your requirements. Check out Bug Wolf, 99 tests and Bug Finders to see if they suit your needs. Otherwise, Googling something ...

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