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I would agree with Laurent, and we have faced a very similar situation. Our team tests the APIs for data transport and parsing. The developer unit/component level tests were all against mock objects and data stores. Unit tests are not always comprehensive so we built a 'fake server' to emulate various web services that we used for running additional ...


I think "acceptance tests" and "mocking services layers" don't go along. My feeling is that when you do acceptance/functional testing, then you run your whole system in a manner close to the way it will be used although you try to do it in a QA/preprod environment to be confident of the state of your system. If, for the reasons you mention, you can not do ...


This overview seems to give a pretty recent overview of mocking frameworks: https://code.google.com/p/jmockit/wiki/MockingToolkitComparisonMatrix


Parth, You have a few options here. Given that your system sends data to the third party system, you either know the format or can get the format of the data to send from your programming team. You know the format of the data returned. This is enough to build a simple simulator that will generate dummy data in the appropriate format given the input. ...

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