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Yes, your app is designed in a way it is really hard to test by a E2E script. Let's hope you started by having plenty of unit tests. Use page object to provide services to your test. Then, start with creating few "happy path" tests exercising most commonly used functionality. When done, start adding functionality which interrogates page object in which ...


Preparation and planning is the key. "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first six of them sharpening my axe." Try to create a quick map/sketch of the workflow Define small methods/actions/steps that are reusable (in this case at least 12 steps) In your defined methods use switch to decide when to change actions/data used For every ...


I imagine your application to be somewhat analogous to an auto-insurance website. Page 1: Fill personal info Page 2: Fill vehicle info Page 3: Fill previous insurance history Page 4: Choose insurance type Page 5: See Quote There are validations to be performed in each page but you cannot move onto 'Page 2' without filling 'Page 1'. The approach you ...


That was what I had previously believed also (because I've done dev) until my current position whereas the director is my source for this who actually sees the numbers. Although, maybe its more specialialist thing. You generally don't become wealthy as anyone's employee.


Test automation is not high-end coding. You will not become wealthy doing either test automation or unit testing. Typically, unit-testing is not a separate job title. Experience with unit testing is more likely to lead to a career as a developer than Selenium automation. You are likely to make more money as a developer than as a tester.

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