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We have had a very hard time automating the Google Maps API. Test case: Surf to Google maps: https://www.google.nl/maps Find an area with known location Click the known location (without the use of mouse-coordinates, should also work when zooming, etc...) Verify the location box with details opens Retrieve the phone number This is very hard, because ...


"Test automation" means more than just automating user interfaces that run in a web browser. Someone with good programming skills should be able to find many other ways to use software to test software. Here are are couple of examples: Write API-level integration tests. If developers test, they probably focus on unit tests. There is a middle ground ...


A CMS can be challenging. You have content moving, user permissions, generated IDs, etc. Try out WordPress. I snapped out of the automation boredom once I hired someone to take it over and I took on security testing and process improvement. Start with OWASP for security.


I think Single Page Applications type which last time gains more and more popularity can be hard to automate, because this type of pages are dynamically loaded. Every action on page can load new div from server without reloading whole page, just for example simple paste table to div. Webdriver cache webelements on page load, and dynamical loading of html ...

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