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At least on http://robotframework.googlecode.com/hg/doc/userguide/RobotFrameworkUserGuide.html?r=2.8.5#getting-started is nicely detailled installation instructions.


Well it depends on what you set up, in my environment I had Python, Java, PiP and EasyInstall loaded then it was simply a matter of running: pip install robotframework But it's simple enough to find the instructions on the Robot Framework site and check out the link to the Installation Instructions. The Robot Framework site has links to examples as well, ...


Selenium is not able to interact directly with OS functionality. So unless there is some backend service that allows you to create the connection through the browser somehow you can't use Selenium for this. Options: Write custom code to do this outside of selenium and then put it in the middle of your test Utilize another testing tool at least for the ...

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