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AutoIt works great for simple automation tasks. It doesn't require scripting if you use it in it's basic form of record-play.


As for me Python helped a lot with tasks which were related to: Parsing data files, XML, HTTP, different streams, etc. Network operations, connections, data copying via Network, etc. Small utilities or helpers for Test Automation Framework: a. Configuration of XML files(set some element, update some value, ...) b. Gather some metrics from bug tracking / ...


Talking about UI testing you can try Sikuli - great tool which uses image recognition. Also it is a lib which can be installed with Sikuli: Tesseract which allows to grab/recognize text. It supports Python(Jython), Java, etc.


The same thing happens when I switch Chrome's default language. There are two solutions I can think of - manually add the Accept-Language: es header, or go directly to Google's Spanish version of the homepage - driver.get("http://google.es")

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