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The silence is deafening :-) I have no personal experience with NightWatch, but I do have experience with the quirky nature of JavaScript, and because of that experience prefer Python, especially for big projects. Why you never ever reprogram working code from scratch - with history of failures cause by reprogramming from scratch. So if your company is ...


I'll make the case for Ruby as I'm most familiar with it. Others can vote up/down Ruby is great because you have rspec and capybara which are widely and heavily used. There is a huge community of fellow users. The main issues I encounter today are are about javascript and ajax calls. WebDriver doesn't have 100% answers for some of the issues. I don't ...


You're trying to click an invisible element, which won't work. It's easiest to use this class: For an example, see Daniel Abel's answer in this thread: What is the correct way to select an <option> using Selenium's Python WebDriver

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