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I will go for Python because of it's simplicity. Python code looks readable and can be easily understood and even others who have very limited programming skills can also join in later phase of automation to accomplish voluminous scripting/data addition work if you have put a nice data driven framework.


Oh Boy! you might start another one of the Java vs Python vs Other language war. These are kind of question which are always answered with preference for a specific language in mind. For me- I would prefer Python over Java, because of one reason : Its simplicity. Our test team comprises of people who have little programming experience. However, most of ...


Is there any specific reason to pick Java over Python? Not really. It depends on which language you feel more comfortable with. However, most of our developers (apart from the iOS devs, obviously) are intimately familiar with Python and are using it in our production environment. So go with Python. Then Devs can also contribute to e2e Test ...


Splinter does not support find_by_class_name. Splinter has support for find_by_option_by_text and find_option_by_value but it does not look like you have the option tag in the html. Try using find_by_css instead for the list elements. This code snippet assumes your list items are visible: browser.find_by_css('.option1') If they are invisible, you will ...


If I understand correctly, you're working with an n-tier system that communicates via something resembling an API. Given this assumption, I'd build a framework that allows the creation, transmission, receiving and parsing of messages to and from the application. At this point your actual test data can be in any format, and don't need to be coupled to your ...


The way I corrected this was to manually copy the ddt files from /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages to /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages Copied the following two files : ddt.py ddt.pyc and the directory ddt-1.0.0.dist-info If any body could come up with a better solution, then please add your answer. It would be more than welcome :)

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