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I'm going to agree with PaulDonny's first sentence. There is no standard tool for web services. All of the answers here give great examples of tools that work well. As much as I personally dislike SoapUI, I have seen testers use it very well for REST services. I'd like to present two additional options however. The first, which really only works well if ...


For testing web services, try Runscope. You can test services on your local machine, on staging, as well as those running in the cloud -- all using the same test definition. For production monitoring/testing, you can set up schedules to run automatically. For CI, you can trigger tests to run against your service in any environment. There's a usage tier ...


I think you should follow tracability matrix and always add new requirements/Features to same matrix so old will be there as record and also you will be able to track new. As a tool Excel is fine as start level but I would suggest to use TFS to log all old and coming requirements. It will allow you to maintain all requirements/Features history in very good ...


I use Thor (http://www.mightythor.net), it integrates with jmeter and ALM. It's free and all the functionality is available (no professional version filtering)

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