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If you use ALM you can define in the Execution Setting of the test what to do if the test fail. In there "On failure" field you can choose "Do Nothing" or "Rerun the test". If you choose "Rerun the test" the other two field are enabled. In those fields you can define how many times the test should be rerun and a script to run to cleanup the environment ...


Rerun failed test from launching vbscript You can check test run status in VBScript and start the script from command line: cscript.exe run-test.vbs [some params] run-test.vbs would contain something like: Dim qtApp Dim qtTest Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") qtApp.Launch qtApp.Visible = True qtApp.Open testPath, False Set qtTest = ...


Wow... you're making this much harder than it has to be. QTP actually DOES have a timing system built in, you can set and check MANY timers as needed. Here's how I wait for something that could take forever: Seconds_to_Wait = 60 'one minute timer (Messages_Displayed = 0 'optional MercuryTimers("simple timer").Start Do 'check for success if ...


First try with the properties Id,Name. If the objects are not having the unique properties then go for XPATH.

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