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I don't have a solution, but only a posible workaround: The URL spec supports passing username & password, so that you don't have to enter it manually (in the security popup, which seems to cause the problem). In your automation, you could try navigating to the URL as follows: http://login:password@your.url.ru where login is your username and ...


We are using Jenkins CI and TestRail. Also we have our own framework which makes reporting much more easy. https://github.com/selenium-webdriver-software-testing/kspl-selenium-helper hope it helps


Don't forget Serenity aka Thycidides (http://thucydides.info/docs/serenity-staging/) It is in that sense a test management tool as it excels in creating a living test documentation for you which is also a great test report. You can use it with JBehave or Cucumber or just with plain jUnit. It depends on maven or grade to run the tests.


Putting in arbitrary sleep times is usually a very bad idea when it comes to test automation. Instead of putting in sleeps between test steps (or test cases), it is far better to put in checking mechanisms to ensure that the system under test is ready for the next test step (or test case). Here's a generic example: Do Step A sleep 10 seconds Do Step B ...

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