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It's not a tool that makes you more employable, it's your experience. Knowledge of some tool may give you some advantage but only if you have other skills. No one looks for a guy who can click around in Robot Framework or Selenium or TestNG. A guy who knows how to test (whatever tool is used) - that guy gets the job. Learning RF will not make you less ...


I always do mysql database testing in my selenium tests with python and it is quite simple. import MySQLdb db = MySQLdb.connect(host="your_host",user="your_user",db="your_db",port=3306,passwd="your_password") with db: cur = db.cursor() cur.execute("select * from table1 limit 1") rows = cur.fetchone() first_column_content=rows[0] print ...


Suppose you are expecting a particular locator to get value as "Payment was successful", so firstly store that in temp variable "response" and finds its value by "Get Text" and then compare it. ${response} Get Text xpath=/html/body/div/tr[2]/td/strong Should Be Equal As Strings ${response} Payment was successful

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