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I've tested using format http://user:pass@host and it works. So in Python (in setUp() of MyClass(unittest.TestCase) class) this should look like: self.base_url = "http://user:pass@host" In Java based on #34 at code.google, the following code should work as well: public void login(String username, String password){ WebDriver driver = getDriver(); ...


Create a string variable and use it (for example) as follows: string strMyXPath = "//*[@id='" + recordId + "_ACTION_COLUMN']/a[2]/span"; driver.FindElement(By.XPath(strMyXPath)).Click();


driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("div.container-fluid > h3")) The findElement returns a WebElement and not its text and thus you cannot compare them like that. WebElements have a function getText() to return the text of the object. The assert should look like this: assertEquals("Risk Assessment Form: Completed", ...


WebDriver cannot be used todo browser specific actions, it can only be used to drive the web-page. Although sending the keys CTRL-TAB might switch tabs WebDriver will still think you are in the previous window. Switching Tabs as you want is thus actually something different. Each tab is actually a window organised in a tab like look-and-feel. Thus you ...


I would always vote for hand-coding automated test over the use of Record and Playback. With programming test-cases its much easier to keep the tests DRY and if you think about maintainability of the tests up-front this will safe you a lot of time in the end. Some record and playback tools do support cutting up recordings in pieces and or replacing ...


Selenium standalone jar and testNg jars are missing . So just keep these jars in you Lib folder and this will resolve your problem. Since in build.xml you have provided jar location to lib folder. So please keep all your jar files in lib folder and this will start working without showing any error. Good Luck

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