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Have a look at Selenium @ www.seleniumhq.org its open source and really flexible or you can have a look at jubula http://eclipse.org/jubula/ its an eclipse project for automated functional GUI testing for Java and HTML applications.


For functional testing, I've used soapUI and WFetch. WFetch has worked well for the most part, soapUI is great, although doesn't seem to handle kerberos, by which most of the web services that I need to test are protected. For just manual, soapUI has normally been my clear winner. When it comes to automation, I'll admit, I found soapUI rather confusing ...


Welcome Habba, This is a variant of the problem that is faced by website developers everywhere. Ultimately it needs to be about where do you want to focus your time and efforts. Just like a website, or java client app, no program will run perfectly everywhere. This is the exact reason why Java was referred to as 'write once, test everywhere'. This exact ...


Welcome Habba! This is a very troublesome issue that will likely never go away. And I rather like that, as it keeps the market more interesting. There are several strategies I use in my org to approach testing for Android, listed below. But the biggest thing I've come to realize when working with this platform is that there will ALWAYS be some devices ...

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