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Actually, I can see two questions in your post. Is it better to test SOAP Web services backed by EJB using Java or C#? Actually, Web service stack of technologies was designed to support interaction between application written in different technologies, so it does not matter how the Web service was implemented. I.e., Web service implemented in Java can by ...


welcome to SQA. One thing that it looks like you are not taking into account is the network speed of the device you are testing on. If you are running load runner on a network that has high internet connection speeds, or more probably is on the same network as the service you're testing, then you will get almost no additional time due to network latency, ...


I'm not sure exactly why you're doing this, but if you mean to remove it from the project, you can right-click on the WSDL interface and choose "Remove".


In this situation, we are using the approach exposed by Bruce McLeod. We use a data generator to produce 4 datasets from the same configuration defined by the test case: the input data for the test (run manually or with qtp) to fill gui forms for example, the data inserted before test with soapui in the application to create the customers on which the ...

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