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As for tutorials on SoapUI, sadly the majority of them are sub-par at best and out of date. If you want to learn SoapUI the best option is likely to jump in feet first and hit the ground running. My background is primarily API testing, with a specialty with SoapUI and Groovy, so I will try and give some hints and pointers to get you started. SoapUI's core ...


PackT Publishing also sell a SoapUi book that is quite in-depth. Mark.


As far as I'm aware data export and reporting you're looking for is available in Pro version of SoapUI. I would recommend developing your tests using SoapUI and using Apache JMeter for load testing as it's capable of sending SOAP requests, performing assertions and correlation and has powerful and flexibly configurable reporting system. References: ...


In this situation, we are using the approach exposed by Bruce McLeod. We use a data generator to produce 4 datasets from the same configuration defined by the test case: the input data for the test (run manually or with qtp) to fill gui forms for example, the data inserted before test with soapui in the application to create the customers on which the ...

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