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I use ignore list and here are what I added according to All the log files and folders *.~tc *.tcLS *.tcCfgExtender Visualizer folder and its files *.bak


I would focus on the specific integration features that you need, and then come up with specific reasons as to why this info is useful and how will it increase productivity or reduce costs. Personally I find that many integration features to be bells and whistles. I know this doesn't exactly answer your question but I felt it important highlight. You ...


In my company there were around 63 integrations methods I needed wanted - I'll write down some important ones here: Support Request to Feature Email to Bug/Feature/Enhancement Commit(s) to Code Review Feature Request to Requirement Forum Thread to Feature Request There are many of them - but you gotta begin with whats most important for your ...


Well, on the one hand the benefits of a wholly integrated SDLC tooling solution are many. It's a beautiful world when all your tools work together. However, to achieve this you MUST have a full time employee whose primary responsibility is to engineer that integration. That means you're in for at least $75k per year to enjoy the pleasures of tool ...

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