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A qa architect is a person who design the building block of qa process. Basically this is more relevent to test automation where many things comes in picture. So his role is to place and consult the optimized way to place the block so that whole system is stable economic scalable, fast and optimized. Test automation uses a lot of resources like machines. ...


Good Communication skills. Conviction. Grasping capability. Inquisitiveness and exploring the software and business requirements. Diplomacy(specially to handle developers). Basic programming skills.


Organisations & events You can earn it for your organization in different levels. Recognition you can get having the business partnership with testing tool companies. ISO 9001 good one. Affiliation with university. Affiliation with testing organisations & participate in events.


I'm not sure where you are based out of, but you could look into the ISO90001 in Europe. It is a quality management certification that applies to companies:

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