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Yes, this you can validate using Telerik Test Studio but for this you need to add test case of 'Gmail login and checking Inbox'. I will say to use this test case of Mail check as a separate test case in Test Studio and then call it as a Child test case in your Master case, once the particular action is taken. So, your whole test suite will look like this: ...


Telerik test studio has a 30 day trail, maybe just try it? I would see no reasons why this could not work. I would use something like MailTrap to catch emails send from the system under test and then use their API to check the email has arrived from a script/test. This sounds better then logging into gmail to check the email has arrived.


Converting Telerik Test Studio cases into Selenium WebDriver will require a lot of rework, because Test Studio uses completely different technology, framework and syntax for example you find logic expression are different. The only benefit you can get if you have used Nunit in both Test Studio and Selenium WebDriver, as both tools are compatible with Nunit, ...

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