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I think the test-case is the what and the test-script is the how of the test. Its possible to defined high level test-cases to describe what needs to be tested. The test-scripts contain all the detail to really execute the test.


Pilot testing is when a select group of end users try the system under test, before deployment, to provide feedback about the product. Limited users use the product in pilot testing, and product is installed at the end customer to validate once the product is ready for the production in beta testing. Beta testing is is done at the client side (last stages ...


I think the two tend to be interchangeable but if you are studying for the ISTQB Foundations exam they will give specific definitions for each one. Also, from my experience people in your team will always ask for test cases, I've never actually heard test scripts being referred to. (outside of Automated Test cases/scripts)


BVA and unit tests It depends on when and how the developer implements the unit test. If the developer writes the test first (as recommended by test driven development, TDD), it's a black box test, because he doesn't see the implementation. In that case, the test conditions can only be based on the software specification. If the developer writes a unit ...


As an interviewer, getting one of the text book replies will mainly loose point for the candidate. The correct answer should be something along the lines of "it depends". Non standardize definitions change from company to company and from team to team, even the first two answers from ashu and log_file are inconsistent with each other.

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