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Same thing. No doubt there are companies that use those terms to mean different things, but their usage is not universal. If someone asks you that question in an interview, you should be able to say, "Where I work, the terms are interchangeable. Do they mean something different here?"


Bug, Defect, Issue, Fault, Incident, Ticket are all the same and are interchangeably used in organisations. People can debate and say they agree or disagree and quote references but the ground reality is, it does not matter what you call it as long as it is tracked, referenced as needed and ultimately fixed. My experience shows below: In Bugzila you will ...


Any distinction made between them will be specific to your company, maybe even to your group in your department, in your company. There are some people who claim there is a clear difference, e.g. this one: A bug is the result of a coding error A defect is a deviation from the requirements or that one: A bug is getting a problem at the ...


The word bug comes from the very first computer bug: Real bugs don't break computers anymore and overtime this analogy starts makes less and less sense. Therefor I have a mission to get rid of the term bug and always use defect for any software related issue and so should you :) Quality is a persons perspective, everyone has a different opinion. I think ...

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