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Feature is something that the user perceives as a benefit. Something that can be called out in a brochure bullet point. Function is something that gets done. In general, features use one or more functions. For instance, "undo" is a feature. It is a cross-cutting concern, and is actually composed of many tens or hundreds of individual "undo" functions.


This is where good communication skills, alertness and good vocab comes in handy for a tester.... Looking at the meanings of the terms in question, Feature: a distinctive attribute or aspect of something. Functionality: t he quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality. So with the knowledge of the meanings of these terms you can come up ...


Feature Testing: Features are changes that add new functionality or modify existing functionality. Functional Testing: Functional Testing is a testing technique that is used to test the functionality of the Software, should cover all the scenarios. Edited as per the comments.


There are lots of kinds of testing, and they vary by company and organization. Different people use different terms. There is no special value in any particular set of terms; you just need to know what the speaker means when they use them. Frankly, I think it was a stupid question, or perhaps even a trick question to see how you deal with ambiguity. ...


Feature Testing Testing enhanced things in already developed project is called feature testing.Whether its is useful for our project.Understanding the Feature,Build Test Scenarios,How it is Implemented,Deploy the Build Early are some of the things in feature testing. Functional Tesing Functional testing means testing the application ...

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