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I will go for Python because of it's simplicity. Python code looks readable and can be easily understood and even others who have very limited programming skills can also join in later phase of automation to accomplish voluminous scripting/data addition work if you have put a nice data driven framework.


Oh Boy! you might start another one of the Java vs Python vs Other language war. These are kind of question which are always answered with preference for a specific language in mind. For me- I would prefer Python over Java, because of one reason : Its simplicity. Our test team comprises of people who have little programming experience. However, most of ...


Is there any specific reason to pick Java over Python? Not really. It depends on which language you feel more comfortable with. However, most of our developers (apart from the iOS devs, obviously) are intimately familiar with Python and are using it in our production environment. So go with Python. Then Devs can also contribute to e2e Test ...


I do not know of any framework/tool that supports this. Have a look at GNU global (http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/global/) - it provides a comprehensive tagging for C programs and command line tools to find references. May be you can build some shell/perl scripts around this to achieve what you want.


Google does this kind of thing. They automatically determine the dependencies in their source code and then use that information to determine what tests to run. You can read about it in How Google Tests Software. As far as I know, Google's system is proprietary. I do not know of a commercial or open-source equivalent.


With such a large system, I'm assuming that the code is built into many different individual libraries. One way you can narrow down the list of unit tests is to identify and run only those unit tests that are found in the same library as the code change. This approach also assumes local functions aren't exported to become public outside of the module that ...

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