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What you are looking for is often referred to as Software reliability testing Some I have found useful in the past are; Good details but long Simplified ISEB definition I won't repeat to much from the various sources, but at its heart is defining "what constitutes reliability?" You need to define these scenarios then extrapolate from the result base you ...


If you can get data from an existing similar system and stream it to the new system (maybe with some massaging), it could simulate long periods of use. Once you understand the format of the input, write a program that simulates it as closely as possible, and produce copious amounts of it. It is hard to do time based simulation in condensed time. Time has ...


Let me try to give some inputs based on what we do to compress several years in a few days. Database: if the application under testing is connected to a database, you can take data from existing databases (or simulate them if your application is new) and automate insertion, update and deletion using directly the api of your "piece of software". Network: ...


Try typing this in the textfield,   or &#160 Here's regex that replaces these input. val= val.replace(/&#(\S*)\d;/g, ' ').replace(/&#(\S*)\d/g, ' ');

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