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We are currently in a similar situation, except not with Selenium, but with CodedUI. I think for the concept the technology does not really matter. We have defined a critical path with functional locations that are most critical to our application. This because we have nearly no automated test coverage and want to start with the most important parts first, ...


You have several choices, although none are perfect. In the order I prefer to use them: Database/data manipulation - unless you have a ridiculously complex data structure (been there) or no access to the database in question (been there, too), this is the simplest, safest way to manipulate expiry/deadlines. Setup/configuration manipulation - configure your ...


I am going to coin this user246's First Law of Testing: everyone who tests software will eventually need to test something with a deadline. (I'm sure several hundred thousand other testers have coined the same law.) Although the specifics vary from one problem to the next, there are two essential solutions: either change the clock or change the deadline. ...


Does your element put inside in iFrame? If it's in iFrame, you should switch driver to that. OR Could you try with element = driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("div.clearfix.stk_btm_toptabs.text-center>a.stk_btm_chpFlight.active"));

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