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I assume you consider a technique to be proven if it has been shown to find bugs. I also assume you are interested in messaging in the backend system sense, not in the instant messaging sense. A network partition test is a test in which network connections between nodes in a distributed system are temporarily severed. Aphyr has a series of blog posts ...


As of my reading- Red-Box Testing: It is nothing but a Protocol testing. User / Client can apply any techniques to accept the project. They will apply white box or grey box or black box for accepting the project. So we are calling the user acceptance testing as a red box testing. Yellow box Testing: Yellow box testing is checking against the warning ...


Full disclosure: I work for Rainforest QA. Because of the nature of our platform we have a strict but relatively simple technique for test writing to ensure that our customers get reliable and consistent results. That said, our approach to test writing works well for manual testing even if you don't use the Rainforest platform. The key points of our test ...


Yellow Box Testing includes the Acceptance Testing Techniques while Green Box Testing contains the Release Testing Techniques.


You can check this question and answers, you can find some explanations in there:

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