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I prefer to test in isolation, test should not be depended of each other in order to be able to run them on their own. This makes testing a smaller part of the application easier for developers. Also if each test has its own environment to run in you can run tests in parallel without tests conflicting each others runs. There will be some extra overhead in ...


Does the presented style of cascading tests violate the "one assertion per test" principle? Yes, it does. While the style is quite clean, a disadvantage to your solution is that it becomes harder to run test_login and test_write_post with a different user, for example with one that is already registered. I personally find a better solution is to have ...


There are many such tools. Basically if you do a search with term "test management tool" you will find a lot of alternatives. There are also many sites listing the tools, but they seem to be biased towards some commercial alternatives. One site with a quite exhaustive listing for Test tools is https://www.testtoolreview.de/en/ The company I'm working in ...


One suggestion can be Test Link, its freeware. You can easily install and configure at your end. This tool will help you to maintain a regression repository consisting of Test Case, Test Scripts, Test Run, Bugs etc..

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