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TextBox: Verify name is mandatory or not Enter the value as blank spaces on mandatory fields and click on Save button Enter the value as Special Character & Numbers on mandatory field and click on Save button (a. 12345, b. /--+-, c. 12354/--+-) Check Data type(s) for required field Enter value as "a to Z" and check the character length and click on ...


This question has been asked many times before on this forum. So you should try to research a bit before adding this question. Take a look at Here where there is a list of good thinking tools and techniques mentioned for improving your practical thinking ability. You can start by reading the number of books mentioned here You can also follow many of the ...


Radio Button All options are displayed All options are enabled Multiple selection is not allowed. If multiple selection is allowed, check if you are able to achieve it. If radio button is a necessary field, check if not selecting it raises an error message If any event is associated with radio button, check if that's happening correctly. Click on radio ...


Text field - special characters, numbers, alphanumeric values, negative values, decimal values, blank values, greater than max characters, acceptable ranges, links, html code Text boxes - try adding links, html codes Email address - invalid format, wrong email address Url fields - invalid format, wrong url Credit card - invalid credit card, expired, ...


These might help: Lots of posts there about creating test data, along with copy-and-paste samples.


Try to break every functionality, just think how break every section this point is call test case and defiantly it will help you

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