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Try Googling for Java Hashmap test. I very quickly found this, and I am sure you can find many others.


Considering "classic" architecture where you have back-end, mobile operator which delivers SMSs with OTP and front-end (where user enters received OTP), you have several options to test this functionality. In order to simplify the testing procedure and make it more applicable for automated testing, I would exclude mobile operator part (as the one related to ...


why are you confused ? If you know how to use OTP and how does it work then prepare a list of use cases, if not then you should start by understanding the system you are testing.


An area missed in earlier answers is working with your development team. You need to ensure that not only the lead, but each member of the test team has a good relationship with the development tea, counterparts. The developers are your greatest allies. Get the devs to write some more robust unit tests. Explain and have them buy off on your test plans and ...

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