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The short answer (as others have said) is by any method that works for you. The longer answer is that there are no best practices, only practices that are better or worse in any situation. Some things you can consider: Use version control and maintain branches or labels that match the versioning of the code you're testing. One method I've used ...


What you should do is ask your customers what they want. In this case ask your developers what kind of information do they like to receive about any bug and in what format. Usually prepare a proper story of what you did to generate a specific bug and why exactly do you think it is a bug? What will happen if you don't fix this bug? Maybe make a video ...


I totally agree with milinpatel17. There is no specific answer for this. It is up to an individual or a team to decide which format will get their job done in better way for them.


In testing, there is no such thing as best practice. There is also a good/better/appropriate practice. To manage tests and link them to the requirements, you can do it in several different ways. Mind mapping your test ideas/cases against requirements. Use xmind, freeplane, etc. Make metrics in excel spreadsheets. Use test management tools like TestLink. ...

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