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First priority should be for everyone to trust the test suite again, failing tests suites will not give this feeling. Disable all the broken tests and run all the tests a hundred times to also get rid of all the flickering tests (that work sometimes, but not always). Start running the tests on each commit or at-least daily to make sure the tests can be ...


We experienced the same situation when we started creating the automated test suite indeed the team have created hundreds of automated tests (you know, if you are a passionate tester it is a funny activity) but the suite was not structured and many tests was similar, sometimes duplicate or simply too complex. In the end, as you said, the suite was not ...


Better you separate tests which are running 100% successful.So at least your 60% test cases get ready to automate. After that you can concentrate on failed tests and fix them time by time. Do not completely remove/delete failed tests because it is better to fix already created things rather than to create completely from beginning.


From your description your areas for failure are in the interactions between the modules as opposed to put in x file get y file out. This means tools that mimic user behavior may not be the most applicable place to improve your test coverage. As such, I would recommend focusing on Unit testing coverage with a framework such as TestNG or JUnit. There are ...

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