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Plan plan plan!!! The greatest cost of automated tests is maintenance, and as the project grows it gets more and more difficult to do if the proper amount of planning wasn't utilized during the initial design of the test project. Whether an application is still under development or not, the first thing you should do (if you don't have one already) is write a ...


Based on requirement for the text field scenarios will differ. Suppose when we try to prepare scenario for name fields. 1.Check with Equivalence (i.e.) Maximum length of field, Minimum length of field, Exact field length, Numerical, Alpha numerical, Special characters, Empty field, Enter input into text box, Copy and paste, Try with browser cache .


I've found in the past that using a BDD framework like SpecFlow helped me with this. You can start off writing the tests, and slowly start writing the code for it each of the tests as your able to. SpecFlow is great for code re-use, although, it can take some getting used to. An example of this is every time you use "And log in to the application", the ...


Why don't you start describing your test cases in text form, or writing the stubs for Selenium tests with empty methods and test steps as comments. It would be easier to pick up there with the code as development will evolve.

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