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Think it this way: Test case = is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an feature can function as expected. Test specifications = well defined conditions that will define test results. Test procedure = how a test is carried out, what to do for step 1, step 2 and etc Test design = how a test is conceived from abstract ideas into ...


For me, your examples do not represent a clear way of writing test cases. A minimal test case should include the following information: test case ID to identify the test case unambiguously and refer to one or more requirements test case description to determine the purpose of the test case covered requirements will help you when you need requirement ...


Generic advice: Try for the edge cases. January 1, December 31, February 29, leap year, leap year exceptions, non-leap year, invalid date. How about when the day is not filled in? Can it be interrupted, restarted? Is it possible someone changes position during the year, changing the rolling calendar? Any pre-existing bugs known? And so on. Have fun!

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