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I like using modern.ie (by Microsoft) because they carry all IE browsers from IE6 to IE11 and it's free. You basically choose which version of IE you want and it comes prepackaged with its own virtual machine so you don't have to install anything. Just run and test. The downside is the virtual machines are time limited and expire after a certain amount of ...


You can also use http://www.browserstack.com/ where you can not only get older versions of IE but pretty much any browser you want.


It looks like you did not define Java. Please add JAVA_HOME to .bashrc


Virtualization software. You can use tools like VMWare to setup virtual machines which you then run from your existing machine. You might be on a Mac, a Linux box or a Windows machine, and from it run WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win XP /w SP1, etc. IIRC even MS has a Virtual Server which you can script to turn machines on and off, which means one script to run all ...


As of May 2014, you can spin up instances of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in Azure (Microsoft's cloud service) as well as various flavors of Windows Server. You simply need an MSDN license to do so. The instances are available for development and testing of desktop applications. ...


1 What are the most common set of environments and [2] best practices for each environment? (1) System Test, UAT, Performance Test, Staging are all classical environments (2) Best Practices is a harder one :-) .. Here is a cool Test Environment Maturity Model TEMMI .. Other than that my advice is this ... "Understand your environments .. Without ...

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