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As Kirby said, realistic servers and realistic data. It might be necessary or desirable to scrub personal data from the staging system. A way to add specific test data in an easy, reliable way. I wouldn't want QA to manage the system. Better if it is done by the same people who manage the productive system, or unintentional differences might creep in. Give ...


What do you look for in a staging environment as a QA professional[?] If at all possible your 'staging' environment will be analogous to your Production environments. The web server would be hosted by the same provider and using the same Apache or IIS version. The SQL server would be the same too. You might request a nightly replication so you have ...


There are not enough details in the question, but since you mentioned the possibility to remote access into the lab than visual studio can be used for remote debugging there.


Personally for me, I find it easiest to run tests off of my local machine. I integrate my testing suite with the nightly builds, and they are run at the end of the build for my testing environment. So when I arrive in the morning I can take a look at the results sheet, and get people on the issues right away. Visual studio is tied by a user, and cannot be ...

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