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Sahi is indeed a great tool. They provide wonderful support and assistance. For a developer who has no time to automate testing, Sahi is invaluable. It is simple, provides AJAX support and does not depend on HTML implementation. Other tools are good if you have a dedicated team to handle testing.


CA Lisa & SOAP UI Both don't need any programming skills. Try with SOAP UI free version first, they have something like a mock service. Using it is pretty straight.


The question is focussing on the disadvantages of SilkTest I'd say. I hope the following answer is not just a personal opinion and I can provide proof for my reasons. I'm using SilkTest (mainly Silk4J together with SAP, i.e. the Premium license) for 6 months now and I'd say the main reason is that the product does not provide enough added value. It simply ...

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