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I do it without a namespace, like this: //*[local-name()='RetrieveSecurityTokenResponse']/*[local-name()='RetrieveSecurityTokenResult']/*[local-name()='SecurityToken']/text()


According to my co-worker who tested an SMS feature recently, there is a Twilio API for getting the status of the text for short code phone numbers that you can use to get delivery confirmation of texts sent w/ Twilio. This is likely the same thing Mercfh was thinking about. He does not believe that the cellular venders have APIs to report back delivery. ...


We've used Twilio before and it works pretty well, however I do not think it is free but very cheap (cents per text message). So that might be worth trying.


There are number of tools available for testing mobile apps: a) Robotium b) Uiautomator c) Espresso d) Appium e) Calabash But my experience -I can suggest you Appium is the best tool for both Android & iOS mobile testing. I'm working on appium from last 6 months in my organization it is pretty good. The main advantages of using Appium is- ...

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