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Since there was no tool to do what I needed, I wrote one. https://github.com/edsonmedina/php_testability


As for me Python helped a lot with tasks which were related to: Parsing data files, XML, HTTP, different streams, etc. Network operations, connections, data copying via Network, etc. Small utilities or helpers for Test Automation Framework: a. Configuration of XML files(set some element, update some value, ...) b. Gather some metrics from bug tracking / ...


And here are a couple of others: Cucumber Robot Framework


Here are some tools for you ; Selenium - http://docs.seleniumhq.org/ Watir - http://watir.com/ DejaVu - https://www.npmjs.org/package/dejavu


I personally use mind-maps for any activity and one of the activity is creating test coverage mindmaps, test strategy mindmaps that I share with my team members and customers. I love the markers which help in tracking my tests if my mindmap if developed as test design reference. This mindmap repository may be helpful for you and its open source! You can ...

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