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RedGate Sql Compare and Sql Data Compare do not work on SQLite unfortunately. SQLite Compare Utility http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/220018/SQLite-Compare-Utility works decent for schema differences, but wasn't very helpful for data differences in my situation. I would give my arm if Beyond Compare added support for Sql Server and SQLite comparison.


You might also want to take a look at Microsoft's Coded-UI. However, notice it requires Visual Studio Ultimate or Premium.


Test documentation: It should be possible to generate code documentation with something like Doxygen or an alternative. (Assuming all the automated test-cases are started with a (unit) test-runner which uses a sort of class system in code.) Run the doc-generator only on the directories containing the tests. This should result in a list of all methods in the ...


Basically you want to avoid building custom application for tracking dependencies? One way would be to have a wiki, one page per test. Wiki pages will have tags based on functionality. To run a test, you first run a search query on wiki, get pages matching criteria, convert page names to test names, and run them. And pages also can hold any other relevant ...

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