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I'm seeing two distinct questions here: How do you write automated tests that don't generate false positives or false negatives? How do you check existing automated tests for false positives or false negatives? Both have somewhat different answers: Dale's answer is a good one for writing tests in a way that protects against false positives and false ...


In addition to the techniques Victor mentioned, which introduce errors into the program code, you can also introduce errors into the test code. I do this all the time as I'm test-driving new code. Make the test wrong, run it, and observe the results. Then make the test right... which might differ from how it was before.


Unit testing and checkbox ui are a little contradictory. Have you checked out FitNesse http://fitnesse.org?


There are two (actually both are very similar) techniques in order to reveal the tests which tend to be "false/positive" ones – Error Seeding and Mutation Testing. The both principles are based on introducing the errors in the application's program code, mainly in the places where it will have the most dramatical effect for application. It can be for ...

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