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Agreed there are overlaps between QA and DevOps. Whether a DevOps person belongs in a QA team depends on the specifics of your organization. I think the more important issue is whether DevOps addresses your QA needs. About an hour ago, I talked with a developer whose team includes a DevOps person. The dev team treats DevOps as their own problem, not a ...


IMO, if you've got a separate QA dept, look for how you can break down silos between yourself and dev first! Yes, there is great benefit to be had from testers talking to Ops people. DevOps is the cool word right now, but the key principle is that silos can hurt productivity. Seth Eliot did a great talk at TestBash 2 on how testing/monitoring in production ...


On the FOSS project I work on, Kuali, we have a separate DevOps team run by a commercial affiliate, our go forward plan is QA will do their own DevOps.


The DevOps team certainly needs to closely collab with the QA team. After all, DevOps is all about tightening feedback loops for developers, visible ops, pipeline process, and reducing time to find/fix. QA needs to be involved, but they are definitely two different roles in my opinion. JP Schneider DevOps / Internet Jedi @ Mozilla Foundation

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