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IMO, if you've got a separate QA dept, look for how you can break down silos between yourself and dev first! Yes, there is great benefit to be had from testers talking to Ops people. DevOps is the cool word right now, but the key principle is that silos can hurt productivity. Seth Eliot did a great talk at TestBash 2 on how testing/monitoring in production ...


Sure, There is always a support methodology for everything, even for UAT. The only problem is that it is always context dependent. There is no one size fits all rule for such a thing. You have to identify the needs and requirements and develop a support methodology for UAT depending on the context of the SUT(system/software under test). For this you can take ...


There is no defined methodology for UAT support as such. However you can follow what we do. We are an Agile Team following Scrum. One iteration is dedicated to UAT support and we have a different test strategy for UAT support defining the roles, responsibilities, risk mitigation and escalation path. We do have QA on call support for 24*7 for these two weeks ...


On the FOSS project I work on, Kuali, we have a separate DevOps team run by a commercial affiliate, our go forward plan is QA will do their own DevOps.

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