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There is no absolute defined methodology to track issues, communicate, etc. But you can see some samples that suit for your needs. As examples: Issue Tracking: The very simple is by creating on a spreadsheet, just list one by one what's you need, and then review, review, and review again, until you satisfied. You can also ask someone who understand about ...


Are Unit Testing, System Testing and Component Testing subsets of User Acceptance (UA)? They are not so much subsets as much as different phases. Systems testing is probably the one that relates most to User Acceptance Testing. Unit testing is done while writing the corresponding application code and is at the level of "When I call this method internally ...


It depend how in the project the UAT is defined. There could be a document something as "Testing Strategy" for UAT phase and this can define whether the Unit test results, code coverage metric, or whatever is a part of User acceptance tests in some manner. It is not about subsets, but about the testing phases: Unit testing is usually done by vendor ...


It depends on who uses the term. Either of the orderings you described is possible. If you hear or read someone using the term in an ambiguous way, and the ordering matters, ask them which definition they are using.

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