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The number of virtual users (VUs) that one computer can handle depends on the complexity and duration of the individual test cases. Many factors contribute to the complexity, including: number of requests, number of plugins called and what they do, number of extraction and validation rules. As complexity increases so does the usage of memory (RAM) and CPU ...


Nunit has ActionAttributes which are similar conceptually to @DependsOn in TestNG. Simple version, you can have flows of tests depending on their outcomes. Caveat:- I generally don't recommend its usage as although in and of itself, it can be used appropriately, it can very quickly add to the complexity of the testing framework. Before you start using it, ...


Have you ever thought to use: Telerik Just Code: http://www.telerik.com/help/justcode/faq-how-to-use-unit-test-window.html or, Nunit: https://github.com/nunit/nunit/wiki Both of them can help you to add more control to you test runs.


It is possible to do, but old versions of NUnit doesn’t deal well with multi-threaded code. Ie NUnit itself was design to be single threaded. You can use PNunit which will give you that functionality. Using NUnit 3 or above has PNunit included. You can find more information on how to use it on this page


I would recommend looking into Visual Studio load test tool. You will need an Ultimate license. This tool will make it much easier to do all the things necessary to create a useful performance test while minimizing time to script and hardware needed to drive the test. You can read more here... https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/dd293540(v=vs.110).aspx I ...

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