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I`ve stumbled onto this issue a while back. What helped me was this answer: "Could you please cross check your test controller setup to make sure everything is ok - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh546460.aspx Local machine account and domain account often doesn't work well with test agent and controller. Work around for this issue is to use Lab ...


Although I have never used the Visual Studio load test functionality I think it works in the following way: You specify some browser types and the load testers does HTTP calls with those browser user-agent. Its not starting a real browser to make the calls, that would be to complex and consume lots of cpu and memory. The browser list on MSDN contains ...


If it is an Angular application I would go for Protractor EDIT: Protractor was made for Angular Apps. You don't have deal with elements not being visible yet due to page loads. Protractors deals with it for you As far as I know CodedUI des not provide this functionality. Correct me if I'm wrong. Resource reason: Most Angular projects are javascript ...


It will completely depend on which technology you are using for e2e testing. If e2e is based on windows product then i would suggest to go for Coded UI. If it is web based then it would be great to go with selenium. It is selection is completely based on requirement of automation too.

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