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One of the most common problems that I've faced is the role of the tester. Often times, teams/companies start to believe that an agile approach using TDD eliminates the need for testing. My first experience with it was when of my former teams was told that they were going to become an agile team. Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory helped me ...


Agile Testing This is the (IMO) canonical book I refer people to in this situation. It's a fun book to read, and gives you plenty of ideas and context to start with as you transition.


The main challenge with any waterfall style testing is that you are increasing the time between the defect being introduced and the the defect being found, and the closer you can bring these points together, the cheaper the defect is to fix. My recommendation would be that you split your testing and do some in the current iteration and some in the catch up, ...


Quite a few software projects have a tick-tock model of a feature version, then a stable version and I see this as similar on a smaller scail. The key thing is not to test things that the devs know isn't really done but sort of works and is only pushed to testing because they've not got enough time. I don't think that really helps anyone. The other thing ...

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