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I believe that for finding good or more bugs you: need to understand the functionality in-depth, in a way you should be aware of all the ins and outs of the application. domain knowledge is also of utmost importance. try attacking the application with incorrect data. stress test the application. run negative tests. For more examples you can go through ...


A few tips: It sounds like you have the credentials of all your 20'648 customers available in plain text. If you do I'd like to know the name of the company so I never ever do business with them. If you have a sensible login system the password is hashed and salted, so you cannot test an arbitrary user login without an absolutely giant amount of computing ...


After you driver.get(URL) to your page, you can execute javascript in it from webdriver, like this driver.get('javascript:<your JS snippet here>') so try driver.get('javascript:localStorage.clear();')


For broken link this is best : http://www.iwebtool.com/broken_link_checker For spelling test : http://respelt.com/ These both I have been using to suggesting you also.


Back end testing is as important as front end testing. We had performed database testing with TestingWhiz tool. Please take a look at this webinar video that we conducted on automated database testing - Webinar Video. You can also learn more on database testing with the articles in learn more section.


My only suggestion would be to get involved with forum(s) that coincide with your non-profits objective(s). Your first post should have nothing to do with your own site. Change your signature to an image that links to your site. Get involved with said forum(s) and more importantly, find out if most members truly do line up with your objective(s). Once ...

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