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Assuming that a 'regular' web application is one that runs on bare metal or a virtualized infrastructure with tight SLAs (two nines and better) and doesn't requires scale or elasticity, then yes there is a big difference. Cloud VMs have an MTBF measured in months, so all components that your application depends on, computes, networks, storage, are error ...


what are some good strategies for doing QA, striking a balance between thoroughness and efficiency? Focus on priority and correctness. Find something important to prove to be working, like 'completing the registration process yields a new account' Describe explicitly how to execute the process and verify the result (the test case for correctness) ...


The basic strategy is risk assessment - where might the problems be and what will affect the users wallet? 1) Do you know what your users are using - are you going to bother testing on IE8? You say you don't want to test 10-15 browsers - where did you get that number from? If you developing on Chrome then no need to test on Chrome, test on FF and Safari and ...


You can use http rest mocking software, and just count the request your app performed. Sometimes i use this SoapUI If your app is over smpp you are in really difficult situaction and you have to setup Kannel for that kind of tests

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