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Try HttpMaster which focuses on REST and API testing.It supports dynamic parameters, validation of response data, various data viewers, etc. You can also save all your test definitions as HttpMaster project (single file) to reopen them later or use on another machine.


1) Here's a good guide to send a single push notification using Python (look at "Step Five" and "Step Four" sections). 2) In order to send multiple messages at once you can use the simple bash script, like this for run in {1..10}; do python ~/test_push.py done P.S. More solutions: Instead of python script you can use this bash script for ...


Check this link http://www.testingbrain.com/tutorials/soapui-tutorial.html . There you can find some pdf tutorials about SoapUI


Check this link ... It contains some pdf resources about SoapUI ... May be useful for you .... http://www.testingbrain.com/tutorials/soapui-tutorial.html

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