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multiCapabilities: [ {'browserName': 'internet explorer'}, {'browserName': 'chrome'} ], maxSessions: 1,


WebElement element=driver.findElement(By.xpath("(//div[@class='selectItemText'])[2]")); Thread.sleep(5000);; Thread.sleep(10000); driver.findElement(By.xpath("(//nobr[text( )='MDialog'])[4]")).click(); //driver.findElement(By.xpath("//nobr[text()='MDialog']")).click(); ...


Javascript support for webdriver is pretty rough, so here's an example of this in Javascript, in case you're like me and need to go spend another half hour digging through documentation to find the right method names in JS: let profile = new firefox.Profile(); profile.setPreference('network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris', '') let options = ...


I don't think you need anyone's permission to shift to SAP testing, but in case you feel you needed one, you have my permission :-) Regarding if someone will hire you, it depends on your skills and their need, no one here can answer that.

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