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You can get the nodevalue of the element using Javascript document.getElementsByClassName('dialog-components')[0].getElementsByTagName('h2')[0].childNodes[2].nodeValue; Use executescript to execute JavaScript in the context of the currently selected frame or window Below is an example in java Don't forget to add return since you need to return the ...


There are at least 2 approaches: If Jenkins is used in your company, you create a job that runs tests and then e-mails report by Email ext plugin. Or you can add such functionality to @BeforeSuite method with JavaMail.


I would tend to disagree with the comment of not designing and just coding. As with any testing you should aim to plan and find issues in requirements Before writing code. Its harder to change things later! I am quite a fan of Page Object Model (POM) as an approach http://seleniumeasy.com/selenium-tutorials/page-object-model-framework-introduction ...


Don't start with designing framework: YAGNI principle applies. Start coding. Implement tests, refactor common parts - and framework will emerge. Difference is, this framework will have only features you need. By definition, if you have to ask how to design a testing framework (don't already have skills to do it right), you should not try to foresee what you ...

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