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No, you can not run every OS. Mainly running "Mac OS X" (for example) is pretty hard, but most mainstream Operating Systems can be virtualised with VirtualBox. But to answer your questions further: Operating Systems: Yes, you can run Windows under Ubuntu. I have successfully run Windows XP/7/8 and most of the Windows Server operating systems under ...


I don't think that QTP 10 supports IE9, it doesn't appear in the PAM. As far as I know support for IE9 was added in QTP11 via some patches.


The Selenium IRC channel provided a hint. The browser was starting to launch, but Selenium never got a reply. After some fiddling, I was able to remote desktop into the account selenium + tomcat ran as and manually launched a grid job. Chrome was trying to setup a second desktop shortcut and do some initial first launch housecleaning. I also had to relax ...


GUI automation is very tricky to say the least. As a general rule of thumb GUI automation demands that the automated test 'know' the machine state at all times. This means that we shouldn't assume that a particular window has focus. If the automation requires a window to have focus it should check to make sure that window has focus and if not set focus to ...


Have you considered using a free (or paid depending on your circumstances) Amazon EC2 account?


For some performance testing you don't need a specific tool, only a well-designed test case set, a bunch of test suites which with some variables can be used on any type of operating system family. When you design the test cases, you should take in consideration the application's requirements and non-functionalities: how many users will use the ...

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