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As your building Windows desktop applications have you looked at what MS has to offer? I think their Lab Management tools are designed for these challenges. Combined with TFS build server its should be able to bootstrap an test environments on the fly for each build and test run. And here an article about combining TFS, Lab Management and CodedUI: ...


Telerik's Test Studio is also a good tool and will provide you required support and features. You can use this tool for testing Web, Mobile, Desktop (but only WPF) applications. test Complete is also a good tool which will suffice your requirements (advantage is it supports more variety of Desktop applications). Again, cost wise Test Studio is cheaper than ...


Depending on your CI tool, you could just have it kick off a PowerShell or Bash script. That script can be made to handle everything you just mentioned. It is not exactly an out-of-the-box solution, but will only take a few hours to setup if you know a bit about scripting and know what command line commands to call in your script. I used to have script that ...


Personally for me and the company we like using selenium and using Sauce Labs. To be honest it's the best multiple platform tool I have used, so its worth taking a look at.

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