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the degree to which a software component or artifact (system, module, requirement or document) lends itself to testing.
a web testing tool created by DevExpress.
a hypervisor providing virtualization services where multiple operation systems can run same hardware simultaneously.
software testing method that loads a computer program with invalid, surprising, or random data.
International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) are one of the largest certification providers.
Questions related to the topic how to isolate a bug.
a way of performing testing used to test the business flow of an application or system from start to finish. It can be a part of integration testing to check dependencies between…
a web service load testing tool.
a scripting platform for Oracle Application Testing Suite based on Eclipse and java.
A fuzz testing framework developed by Michael Eddington of Deja vu Security.
an ERP system solution developed by SAP AG company.
SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test
For issues relating to QF-Test, a GUI test tool for Java and Web from Quality First Software GmbH.
a GUI test automation tool.