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comment Stress and Load Testing using Selenium-like tool
LoadRunner can execute your JavaScript functions in a number of different ways and still maintain lightness on the resource footprint per virtual user. You may want to check out the 50 user non-charged edition.
comment Performance tool for scripting HTTP requests dynamically
Yes, covered in product documentation and online help
comment Use of Standard Deviation and Percentiles in performance testing
the 50th percentile is the median. The mean is an average, which can be pulled higher or lower by a cluster of extremely fast or slow responses being collected
comment Performance tool for scripting HTTP requests dynamically
The default LoadRunner language is not "C Like." It is ANSI C. You can convert a standard script to it's Java or VB equivalent if you are more comfortable working in those languages with the associated trade off in virtual user resource weight which comes with those languages.
comment Why LR tool is not able to capture browser rendering time?
There are counters that are being added by the w3c to account for rendering time in the client. Now, the bigger question, if IE renders faster than Firefox which renders slower than Opera but faster than Chrome, what is yoru reconciliation path to file a defect with Microsoft, Mozilla, Google or Opera to get the "rendering defect" fixed on your project timeline? My premise is that they are not really asking for rendering time, but the delta between when data arrives at the client versus when it is displayed, a value which includes client processing time
comment Load testing tools vs. making your own
"Our department recently had Load Runner dropped on us with little training." This is a known anti-pattern for success with any tool. Unfortunately it is the management norm with performance tools these days, without respect to vendor. Your management's behavior pretty much guarantees a low or negative ROI for LoadRunner use.