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comment How to upload a csv file from local machine using robot framework script?
Why do you say Choose File only works on Firefox? I use it on chrome regularly.
comment Robot framework installation
Note that you don't necessarily have to install wxPython and RIDE -- you can use robot framework with plenty of other text editors.
comment Wait for a random time with robot selenium 2 library
Your title says "random time" but your question specifically mentions 60 seconds. Are you wanting a keyword that can wait a random amount of time (eg: "wait 0-60 seconds"), or one that can wait on a specific amount of time given by the test case?
comment cross-OS automated testing
@dog: yes, you can run tests on more than one platform at the same time. You configure how many concurrent jobs it supports, from 1 to whatever your system can handle. Each job will have its own separate reports, but you can create a job that consolidates the reports after they all finish.
comment cross-OS automated testing
Your answer gives advice for a testing tool, but I think the question is about a tool that automatically kicks off testing, which presumably would be tool-agnostic: "My question is - is there any tool (preferable open source) which can called after an SVN commit to trigger repository update from SVN, compilation and if all went well, to run the unit tests on each platform?"
comment Can developer do automation test for the feature that he has implemented?
@PhilKirkham: perhaps the better way to describe might have been to say the goal is to create appropriate quality software. Quality is definitely relative -- a shell script that will be run once has lower quality demands that the software for driverless cars, medical equipment and nuclear reactors. Still, I think we should all strive to produce high quality software no matter what the circumstance.
comment Cross-Browser compatibility Tools to simulate Mac Operating system
You say you tried with browserstack.If you're asking this question, apparently browserstack didn't meet your needs. Why? What are you looking for that browserstack couldn't deliver?
comment How to use Run Keyword IF" in Robot Framework
You probably will need quotes around the first part of the expression: '${CreateButtonVisible}' == ...
comment Robot framework. How to select option by text but value
Your question is hard to understand. You told us what you want to do but haven't asked any real question. Are you asking us to write a complete test case for you? What does this have to do with robotframework, which you've included as a tag?
comment How to start all tests with a clear session after browser crash,
This question has the robotframework tag, but this question appears to have nothing to do at all with robotframework.
comment Fitnesse vs Robot
Robot doesn't have limitations in how it can be extended, as you imply in your answer. Robot is based on python, and you can write keywords in python or just about any other language, so it is even more extendable than a pure python solution. And while I don't expect a PO to write tests, the requirement was for a PO to be able to read tests, and robot is very strong in that area. Finally, robot uses selenium webdriver for web UI testing, so it has all the advantages of a pure python solution.
comment Whether to choose Selenium over Watir or Lightweight Test Automation when testing web applications created using C Sharp?
Another +1 for rejecting record/playback.