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SDET with 5 years of experience in software testing & BS in Computer Science. I'm also not very good at filling out "About Me" sections. I'm not as much of an expert as I'd like to be, so am trying to soak up knowledge as fast as I can while balancing work and "real life".

comment QA Manager with no programming background looking to self-educate in SQE
I would recommend going the other direction - unit tests up. UI testing is one of the most challenging test disciplines to do well, and requires a solid understanding of object-oriented programming IME.
comment QA Manager with no programming background looking to self-educate in SQE
Two introductory programming courses in a quarter system would be six months, and would teach you roughly 70-80% of what you need to know to be a decent programmer for the purposes of writing test automation. I agree with most of this advice, but disagree with "choose your focus" - beyond "writing test automation" and maybe "focus on one tech stack to start". Testing benefits from breadth of knowledge more than depth, IME. As you learn, try coding testing solutions for the kinds of problems you've tested manually in the past, so you can better leverage your previous experiences.
comment Should load test validate functionality?
There's an old joke about "The code doesn't work, nothing is getting executed .... but our performance tests look great!" I had a job testing a web browser's performance once, and amazing performance was often a clue that the rendering wasn't getting kicked off.
comment Process for Web Automation Testing
How much coding experience do you have? Do you know OOP? Have you worked with Selenium before, or another UI testing framework?
comment How do I assess the testing process of a project?
Why do you need this? I have some ideas if you want to improve an apparent "QA bottleneck" (hint: It's often not actually a QA / test issue).
comment What are the deliverables of the QA department?
This is a good answer that clears up a major misunderstanding about the field of QA, and I'd love to see it expanded. There are many common types of information delivered to help make better decisions, and a brief analysis of the circumstances in which to deliver each would be wonderful (especially as this skill of knowing what to deliver when is key to developing beyond a junior or mid-level QA engineer). E.g.: bugs, risk analysis, advice on quality practices tailored to that company or team, metrics, and tools to gain quality information automatically.
comment Is it realistic to try to hire someone who is a developer and a tester?
The same thing goes for prestige. IME, "prestige" often translates into "respect and support to do my role well". I've often had to deal with huge amounts of overhead because helping the tester do their job just wasn't a priority for the team, even with 10-to-1 dev / test ratios.
comment Should a salary bonus be based on bugs in released code or other metrics?
You posted your (excellent) answer while I was writing mine :-)
comment Load testing APIs & web services resource?
Nope, I'm looking for general information. We're getting a lot of value from our load testing, and I'm trying to get ideas about how we can best improve what we are doing to get more value out of it. I'm hoping to avoid digging through resources tailored to a relatively specific use case to extract the generally useful bits, though it looks like that might be the only option. I'm really surprised that there doesn't seem to be a good book on this subject - load testing web services seems to be a hot thing these days.
comment Deployment Testing - when to perform
Can the process of creating the RIP be automated?
comment Test team names
We ended up going with a fun acronym that includes "QA". It works for our company culture. We refer to ourselves as testers or SDETs (we're geographically close to Microsoft, so this makes sense). So we're kind of straddling the test / QA argument. Since two of the top 3 answers are defending testing, I'm picking the top test-defending answer. But, I think Joe's answer is a great response, too.
comment Test team names
I'd be less worried about internal reputation, and more concerned about external presentation - think hiring. Obviously the company knows what we do or can be educated to better understand it, but we want to send as many signals to potential new hires as we can that will help them understand if they might be a fit for our culture.
comment How can my team move away from record-and-playback when not everyone has scripting experience?
+1 for DSLs (Domain Specific Languages - like Cucumber's Gherkin) that allow people to write scripts in English or near-English with code-behind written by a developer.
comment Is my pay fair, just based on the fact I have little experience
Great answer. Career-building skills and experience are worth more early in your career than salary these days. At the same time, don't be afraid to move on if you can get a better offer - as long as you can learn in your new position also.
comment Are Exhaustive “Brute Force” UI Tests Worth It?
Another point on UI testing for the wrong reasons: Resorting to rigorous UI testing can be a sign of untestable code, that isn't being tested at lower levels well enough. UI testing should be essentially just making sure the UI responds the way it should - and not functionality testing (with some exceptions, e.g., end to end tests). Unit tests, API tests, component tests, etc. should cover functionality. UI tests should be a small part of the overall testing effort in most cases.
comment Suitability of functional testing to problems with many interrelated inputs
Do you know where you read this? A link might help us understand the context of what this person meant by "functional testing".
comment Where should test fixture code live?
Changed the accepted answer to match what I actually did in the end . . apologies if this has led to any confusion
comment Resume and job seeking advice - career change from Development to Testing
@gbjbaanb, MS isn't actually a bad place these days, at least not from a work/life balance standpoint. Flexible hours, options to WFH, and little to no overtime expected on most teams that I saw.They also have great HR and benefits support for mental health. If you are a manager or lead, there's a fair amount of pressure - but they generally do a good job of sheltering the individual contributors :) I guess they've learned from their past mistakes . . . they aren't a perfect company, but I thought work/life balance was one of their strong points when I was there.
comment Is browser version matrix a thing of the past?
One site I test skews heavily towards older browsers - we don't test IE9 and do test IE6 because of what we see in the web logs. We'll be keeping an eye on these numbers, but otherwise don't see major changes coming.
comment Some Selenium tests fail on server but pass locally
This is unlikely on a server, but might be worth checking. Does the computer go into sleep mode or hibernation? I don't know if/ how that would affect Selenium, but I've had issues w/ UI automation before from this.