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Pursuing my MBA/MSE at Carnegie Mellon University (Dec 2014 grad date) & interned in PwC's IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture practice (Summer 2013).

Before my Masters, I was a Software QA Tester with a dual Bachelors in Business Management and Economics.

Aside from family, work and study, I dabble in Music, Philosophy, Games, and other random interesting things.

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comment Parsing xpath results in selenium ide
2 questions: 1. Is it supposed to be Download.aspx or Downloads.aspx? 2. Have you tried [first()], [last()], and [position()=3]?
comment Xpath captured using Selenium IDE is not running in Selenium RC for Links designed in XML
can you post the relevant XML/HTML so we can see if there are any improvements that can be made to the XPaths?
comment Tools for tracking automated tests
Creating your own tracking tool, while it might seem as a good idea upfront, can come back to bite you later (maintenance and adding enhancements). Would you, instead, like any recommendations of some ready-to-use opensource or paid applications that have similar features?
comment absolute Xpath is not working for Gmail login page
You're correct about /html and //html, but the Selenium IDE isn't recognizing /html and any element that follows it (at least on that Gmail login page). I think that's what the OP was confused about.
comment Capture screen during exploratory testing
+1 -- I would also recommend SnagIt.
comment How can I uninstall HPQC 11 Client?
Alexei, what type of OS did you install it on? Is it possible to do a System Restore? Is it possible for you to create a Virtual Machine to install it on?
comment Selenium IDE clickAndWait command not working for unique LinkButton control
Great! X-Path can definitely be a lot more flexible!
comment How to test upgrades for an iOS application?
Thank you, Balaji. Can you share any resource about how to configure the device to get updates from the local server? Is this the method you are referring to: hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20071009082248452. Also, does it matter if the .ipa is located on an FTP server or HTTP server? Lastly, if we are installing from iTunes, does your recommendation to test simultaneous users still hold? I understand that we should test different devices, but I don't think that we can update multiple devices at the same time with iTunes.