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My daily work is a closed source PHP project but I'm really interested in open source projects and I know PHP, C/C++ and Perl 5 pretty well. I can do some Java, Python, x86 assembler (intel syntax) and some other programming languages, too. I'm currently running Ubuntu (workstation, home computer, laptop) and Cyanogenmod (phone) as my OS of choice. GPG: 563168EB

comment PHP: code instrumentation library to capture/record new unit test cases?
I would be happy with a tool that just records the return value for a collection of input values (logically testing pure functions). I don't believe there can be a generic tool that can capture all side-effects (e.g. a piece of algorithm may call to SSL protected remote sites, read from /dev/random and write to a pipe and/or file). I think that only a human can write tests that check the side-effects.