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I have been a tester, or led test groups, for over 15 years. Working in Windows, *nix and distributed environments I've come in as the first part of QA and built groups or joined existing groups. I like process and am an evangelist for process improvement. I also dabble in tool smithing, while I am not a great coder I stick with it and have built up a nice array of tools over the years in Perl, Ruby and PowerShell. I've also used a lot of tools and have been busy as well over in the SQAForums.com site for a number of years.

comment How to solve miscommunication issues with qa in order to decrease task redundancy?
@user5529 At the point you start asking the question about eliminating triage it becomes a people/trust problem. Either you trust the people entering defects to keep their duplicates down, and enter useful defects that provide clear communication on what the issue is. Or you don't. Triage is not only a centralization process but a review process, because it tends to also dictate priority on a higher level of oversight than those entering the defects have
comment How to solve miscommunication issues with qa in order to decrease task redundancy?
"the bug reporting tool must have a good search function" - I find this is WAY more important once you actually have a fairly large repository of defects, since people do not like to search through long lists or even non-descriptive names. Getting people used to entering good descriptive titles, or triaging them over time, is useful in mediating this though it never quite gets rid of it when someone is just too rushed to do a good search or doesn't care to do so
comment Why test code should not be included in software application?
Just because it is easy, does not always mean that it should be done.
comment Testing the popup with Selenium IDE
Is the situation the popup then updates the original active window, the popup goes away, and you need to go back to the main window? I have used WebDriver (Selenium) to go from popups, make a selection, and go back to an updated original window without errors
comment Selenium: Best way to capture unexpected error?
@Andy when dealing with custom errors you usually end up having custom functions to call whenever you think you might encounter them. That may be where you end up unless you can learn to make an intelligent script that looks for deviations its only going to do what you tell it.
comment Good strategy for automated regression where initial state can't be guaranteed or predicted
I've done similar to this on a system I was thrown into, was insanely complex and I barely understood, so what I did was take bites to handle what I could. The DB was the longest piece and of the most benefit to me for learning, and it took awhile to build so I understood the most barebones DB I needed and I would restore it and start from there. With all the other priorities though, it looks like you are going to have a long slog no matter what. They give you very few options, like how I handle my 2 year old by giving limited choices to get the result I want.
comment iPhone / Android Emulators for PC that works with apk / ipa files
If you want to check the IPA on an iPhone set up some developer certificates through the Developer Center and add your iPhones as approved Devices. Do Dev build for your approved devices once you are in a spot to check, as for submitting to iTunes you WILL need a Mac as the Application Loader used to upload to iTunes only comes with XCode as far as I know.
comment URL Verification software
I don't get the Free is a danger issue, but I do use Xenu to go through our site to help me find dead links on occasion so I can have them resolved through Content Editing or redirects. It's very nice, but spend time with the reporting because the default HTML one is not Business User friendly. I do my own summary of links using PowerShell to link the reports together for easy readability
comment Dealing with Failures after testing?
An old boss who said that most things could / should be "growth opportunities" so you never have to worry about good or bad so long as you learn.
comment Functional requirements and release criteria
In some ways yes, since I have based Acceptance Tests on specific functionality being present, or in the case of a Sprint the sashime was the functionality. Echoing Phil a little bit, are you trying to answer a question on functional requirements are not release criteria in your organization or are you planning ahead?
comment WebDriver API:how to pass session values in webdriver?
It's kind of unclear what you are asking about here, if your application allows you to bypass the login page then do you need the session values for editing? If so, then why not use the login page to get the values? It's hard for outsiders to know how your application works and tell you how to get around it.
comment QA Methodology: Do you retest every change on a new build or only changed code?
For change listings I try to go by check-in notes, no one should be checking in changes without a note. Often they are short, but they usually give you something to go on, and someone to talk to later for more details
comment How to handle self-signed SSL certificate error in IE8? (Selenium Webdriver + Java)
At this point is XP the only OS you have issues with? Most of my testing is done on Windows 2008 or later and we don't get this problem with that configuration, maybe its an XP problem
comment Selenium Webdriver cannot locate element for right click event
I have a similar setup, although for me it's ContextCick, but this works great for my right menu options. I also use a popupHandle to deal with the new window, not sure if you need that
comment Running Testing with Non-Technical Team, Little Testing Experience Myself - Where to Start?
@Excrubulent I think the problem is you ARE running a testing team, professional or not, and the information you are about in structuring what you are doing is going to be the same. Any recommendations will be book recommendations, that will either be general or about specific testing processes. For what you want, there is little more you can do other than bring in a consultant to start a group for you.
comment Test team names
IS - Information Systems, as I work with many groups that are not Software Engineering related (basically healthcare groups) I have learned not to use Engineering as it does not mean the same thing to outside people, although they do understand IS
comment How to use statistics to improve our site?
External firms can help you design surveys that can target information on only what you want to know, checking around your region might help. SurveyMonkey is a popular method to gain information, being internet based, can also provide more accessibility and anonymity to Users who want to respond to the survey.
comment IE always opens with random local host and msg:"This is the initial start page for the WebDriver server
I believe this is normal, is this somehow impeding your testing?
comment How to capture the errors handling in Selenium WebDriver
Do you use Assertons at all? I do this alot in my test cases especially for debugging when writing them and often leave them in place for use later in case I get unexplained errors later on then I just uncomment, build and run the test to see what has changed
comment Selenium RC is out dated or still in the market after selenium 2.5 release?
Do you have a rationale on why you find it outdated? I haven't used it, since its not a fit for my environment and WebDriver is, but I've never discounted it for any reason. Most tools still have a use to someone, it depends on whether you think there is a market for training on it or not