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My website is an item that I need to launch, but having a hard time to decide exactly what I want to do with it. It's like anything, starting is the chore, then devoting a few minutes a day to it becomes easy...

comment How to determine whether a WebElement is a child of another WebElement?
@Ardesco there is no need to extends WebElement to do this as it turns out. You can simply extend the LocatorFactory. Since I have a new annotation it made it quite easy to have a two pass location of elements occur (when the factory returns null, location is not performed).
comment How to determine whether a WebElement is a child of another WebElement?
I already have a WebElement which I've located (a module), I want to ensure that it's "in" another WebElement (i.e. a child).
comment How to click a link / button implemented as a div or span element with WebDriver
Did you create a custom locator to find the span element? I've found with the Java Bindings that you can't locate a link such as this with the linkText FindBy annotation.
comment JUnit Status Messages
I should have thought of the TestWatcher first, as I had already been using that to report status messages back to Sauce Labs, which I had done in a POC.
comment JUnit Status Messages
For instance with this test I will see the one assertion error, but not see anything for the other two topics, it'd be nice to see that topic1, topic2 passed without needing to look at the code to see which items were tested.
comment What is Selenium's default timeout for page loading?
You may modify that value with the following Java code: driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);