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I started working in the Internet industry in 1995, when I helped to start up Computel Standby BV. I supported Computel while I was a student at Universiteit Twente. Computel started in Apeldoorn (NL) as a small ISP, started the Nederland.net foundation, and has grown into a server management company with its own small datacenter.

I became a RIPE Address Policy Working Group chair in May 2007, mostly because I am interested in the future of the Internet and I like to participate in things I think are important.

In May 2008 I left Computel and started working for Max.nl, which is a web application development company. In March 2010 I started my own company. I am focusing on internet infrastructure related subjects such as IPv6, routing and security. Since October 2010 I have been doing IPv6 related projects exclusively.

comment IPv4/IPv6 dependency testing
I have found that it is unfortunately too easy to make software IP version dependent by making the wrong assumptions. Regular expressions for input validation that only accept IPv4 addresses, IP address input boxes in the user interface that consist of four integer fields, etc. But thank you for your help. It is at least a first step!
comment IPv4/IPv6 dependency testing
Testing is important, but it is not QA. Reviewing the code is possible, but in my experience it is very difficult for large projects to cover all the code, external libraries, external software dependencies etc. Do you have any suggestions on a strategy to really make sure that code behaves correctly?