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comment Flow Control in Selenium IDE
While Selenium IDE is certainly not deprecated, it lacks a great deal of power/ability that you'd get with using Selenium within another programming language such as Java, C#, etc, etc. You can't do ODBC, nor can you do HTTP POST operations either. Selenium IDE is the quick and dirty approach to writing web tests.
comment JUnit-friendly framework for production monitoring
JBehave is an acceptance testing framework. The distinction is that acceptance testing is the kind of testing you do after all the parts are put together; after the final product has been created. The degree of granularity from least to greatest is unit testing, integration testing then acceptance testing. JUnit addresses unit testing. Don't know of a product that handles integration testing specifically (though there probably is one) and JBehave is focused on acceptance testing.
comment JUnit-friendly framework for production monitoring
Spring is incredibly powerful because it allows you to wrap a ton of boilerplate code into a few snippets. Oh, and it does IoC too :)
comment Fail over testing Terminology
Third'd. That looks like failover testing to me.
comment What are key properties of a great QA team member?
What if we used "tenacious" instead of "stubborn"?
comment What does a Sofware QA Person Need to Know to Perform Their Job (Essentially)?
This is a fantastic answer. I knew in the back of my mind that QA was much bigger than Selenium and JUnit. That list of areas opens up huge areas of inquiry into stuff I've been interested about for a long time. Thank you.